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Performance Mindstate Products

Performance Mindstate Products are performance powers you put on like a “super powered super suit” that coordinates many, many mind to body factors needed to perform in a timely, coordinated, amazing almost magical way. 

A performance mindset is a tool, a skill that you can master over time, that you can use on command to perform at very high levels and to accomplish awesome feats.

These performance states can be cross applied through most every area of performance from performance at work, music performance, sports performance, social performance, speaking performance and so on.   

Performance mindstate methods and mastery the closest natural thing to physical super powers,.  Additionally one can argue that theses performance mindstate methods can be even more powerful than physical super powers, in a sense that, flying, telekinesis, laser eyes, whatever aren’t very helpful if you can’t perform with them well in real time.  If you can not coordinate those physical super powers or mechanically enhanced powers in timely and brilliant, accurate and dynamically adaptable way, in real, time then one would certainly make a big mess of things…:

Our performance mindstate methods are derived from over 3 decades from:  high level music and athletic performance testing, but also testing in various other performance & productivity endeavors including, but not limited to:  speaking, artistic creation, work, writing, various types of social interaction, exercise, weight lifting, even whistling in addition to other minor tasks…


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