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Opening Up the Secrets of the Parable Developed into A Strategic Performance Approach to Productivity for Getting Many More Things Completely Done So They are Usable and Have Value

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Performance & Productivity Provides Performance Strategies & Productivity Systems for the Achievement of Stellar Level Performance Ability, Plus Personal & Business Success

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LOI System Series

Emotions and Emotional Channeling Related Products

Infinite Productivity System Products

"Reclaiming Life. Conquering Greatness. Multiplying Success. Achieving New Heights. Creating New Worlds."

Manifestation Products

  1. Dream Manifestation
  2. Dark Side Manifestation Avoidance - Avoid Pitfalls that Many Create for Themselves
  3. Speech Manfiestation
  4. Goal Manifestation

Performance Based Systems & Strategies

SPEED Based Systems & Strategies

GOALS Setting & Achieving Products

  1. Goal Manifestation
  2. Long Term Goal Setting
  3. Systematic Goal Accomplisment
  4. Goal Setting Systems
  5. Goal Setting Software

Franchise Methodology Based Products

  • Discover the genius of the "franchise checklist"
  • Learn how to develop franchise check lists systems so you can duplicate your own efforts yourself
  • Learn how to develop franchise check lists systems so you can duplicate your own efforts through others for incredible leverage

FOCUS Based Systems & Strategies

  1. Brain Health Optimization
  2. Brain Focus Optimization
  3. Diets, Eating Methods to Assist Focus

"Performance Based Systems & Strategies"

Performance Strategies for Productivity

Music Performance Strategies

Athletic Performance Strategies

Performance & Productivity


Rolling LOI for Business Speed Productivity System and System


The Way of the Turtle


C E R E B R A L - Productivity and Performance Strategy


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